Home-Edit & Organisation

Creating a clean and organised space to relax, play, work and rest.
Kryssy placing an item onto a shelf
Everyone deserves to live in a space that fills them with joy, somewhere calm and organised where your beautiful possessions stand out.

Letting go of items you no longer want and need, along with finding the right storage solutions, will enable you to reclaim space you never knew you had.

Living, working and relaxing in a clear and organised space has been proven to help you feel happier and be more productive, while clutter can drain our time and energy daily.

Hamilton Home Staging will assist you in organising your home, with long lasting solutions, quickly and efficiently. With hands-on help, advice and crucially, motivation, we’ll enable you to achieve your goals. We’ll bring compassion and enthusiasm, making this an enjoyable process.


I work with many clients who have fallen out of love with their home and want a refresh.‍

We start by placing items into one of four boxes; keep, recycle, charity, waste. Then we select new furniture, lighting, accessories and soft furnishings to live alongside their own treasures. I spend a day with each client to give them the home they have been yearning for.

‘It can be an emotional and cathartic experience, letting go of items that no longer serve us, but the rewards are immediate and palpable.’

Kryssy placing a plant on top of a unit
Kryssy placing a plant on top of a unitKryssy placing an item into a bookcaseKryssy placing a plant on a dressed tableKryssy chatting to a client on a sofaKryssy holding colour styles up to coloured cloth
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