November 21, 2022

Let your home take the stage

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It’s no secret that I have a crush on George Clarke, not just because he’s handsome and has a wonderful Sunderland accent but because I see him as somewhat of a property Guru.

He shows us how to turn an oil drum into a weekend retreat for
a family of four and encourages couples who bought land on a whim to throw caution to the wind and build a multi bedroom cave- house into the side of a mountain.

Staged their properties

His latest offering ‘George Clarke’s Flipping Fast’ on Channel 4, followed six teams who were given £100,000 to buy, flip and sell as many properties within a year as possible. The team who made the most profit over that period kept the £100K.
Most of the teams did well, some even made a good profit but there was just one thing that set the winners aside from the rest; they staged their properties for sale. While the other teams chose to leave their properties empty, Mother and Daughter team Janet and Olivia, beautifully staged and dressed both of the houses
they sold. The return on their initial investment was over £35K!

Home Staging has transformed the way properties are sold in the UK and is the first step to take when preparing your home for sale or rent. It is becoming the go-to part of selling property. Styling your home is a cost effective way of maximising your investment, increasing the offer price by 8–15%. An 8% increase on a £250,000 property is £20,000. That’s a great return.

Selling a lifestyle

In a digital world many buyers have made their mind up about a property before even stepping through the door – often off the back of a single picture; the property version of Tinder!

Ultimately you’re selling a lifestyle so the carefully considered dressing needs to persuade buyers that your house could be their next home.

At Hamilton Home Staging, we offer a comprehensive Home Staging and Styling Service, across Sussex and Kent, to Home Owners, Developers, Investors, Estate & Letting Agents, and Property Managers. We deliver contemporary and inspirational homes with the highest level of design, offering a bespoke service to every client in a swift and easy manner. Having established our own style, we use elegant, harmonious tones alongside layered, soft textures, to make the most desirable and stand-out spaces.

We understand interiors and we understand what sells homes; it’s at the heart of our brand.

What is the value of staging your property with us?

  • Best looking property on the market in your price bracket.
  • 60% of Staged Properties break the selling cap for their road.
  • Well Staged Homes sell 88% faster than non-staged homes.
  • Dedicated social media posts through Hamilton Home Staging, on all of our platforms.
  • We offer an ‘Open House Experience’ alongside your agent.
  • Preferential rates from removal companies, storage facilities, gardeners, decorators etc.
  • Inventory bought at cost saving you money on staging.
  • Property Photographers at preferential rates if you choose to use ours
  • We do it all for you, you don’t lift a finger; Priceless!

We’d love to hear from you to chat about how we can help.

07786 331339

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